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Hello World!

My name is David Rhoads. I am a student at Siena College in Albany, New York. I will use this website to share some of my thoughts on work, school, and the universe.

Need a professional website?

One of my hobbies is web design. If you want a beautiful website like this one, please reach out to me.

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Feel free to reach out to me with questions and suggestions.

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Trying out Cactus Comments

I tend to ignore website comments. They often turn into a den of iniquity. However, a new project, Cactus Comments, rethinks website comments by integrating them into an existing powerful chat network.

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Feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or job offers

Email: davidrhoads@davidrhoads.me
Mastodon: @daver98@fosstodon.org
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