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David Rhoads

I am a student, lifelong learner, and tech enthusiast. Some of my other interests include reading, playing guitar, and hiking.

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The Music of Spring

There’s something about spring. The sunset last night nearly took my breath away. Its brilliant reds and oranges lit up the western horizon over Washington Park Lake.

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What Happiness Is

A few hundred years ago, some dudes with wigs sat down and wrote the US Declaration of Independence.

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Trying out Cactus Comments

I tend to ignore website comments. They often turn into a den of iniquity. However, a new project, Cactus Comments, rethinks website comments by integrating them into an existing powerful chat network.

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La la la la life goes on

Even in this crazy time, things were bound to get busier. Entering the semester, I somehow had the idea that the coronavirus pandemic would make things a bit easier at school.

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Back to school

It happened. I’m back at school. When I arrived back at my apartment last week, I paused to reflect on the nearly six months since I had left school for spring break.

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