My Workflow: Overview


Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash


This is the beginning of a series about my workflow. As always, if you have any software/ workflow reccomendations, send me an email or message me on Mastodon.


I would be negligent if I didn’t start off with the hardware I use. I will include my desk setup too. As far as my workflow goes, this is the most limiting part. My setup is far from ideal, but it is functional. I’m a student, and I don’t really have the option to upgrade my hardware or invest in some fancy desk setup. However, it works, and that’s all I can ask at this point.


I use a sitting desk. If I were to upgrade my desk, I would definately get a sit stand desk. However, my current desk is large (probably 5 feet long). That is essential to me. My desk needs to have space. I have to be able to spread out books and papers on my desk, and still have room to take notes in a notebook while I’m in a Zoom meeting.


My room is underlit. This is not ideal. However, I have a lamp on my desk, which provides light for while I’m working. Since I do work with physical textbooks and handwrite notes, I need enough light to see by. However, I also don’t like excessive light, as it gives me a headache, so I keep my curtain shut when it is bright outside.


I have a set of crappy Logitech speakers which I connect to my Laptop. These are something I hope to upgrade at some point. I need speakers, as I prefer them to headphones as long as no one else is around. However, these speakers can not deal with loud music, even though they sound alright at low volume. They are definately an improvement over my built in laptop speakers.


My trusty laptop is a Dell Latitude E7440. I believe it is from 2014, so it was already fairly old when I got it 3 years ago. When I got it, it had Windows 10 on it. However, under Windows, it was hardly functional, due to constant issues with WiFi and Bluetooth drivers. It was also quite slow. Since I installed Linux on it, I have had less issues, though it occasionally shows its age. Overall, I would say this computer is completely useable as a workstation. The issues I have mostly come after I have been carrying it in my bag or running off battery for an extended time. The battery life on it is also pretty terrible - 3 hours on a good day.


While I could go on for a while about the various other bits of hardware I use (mouse, power supplies, pens, etc), I haven’t been too intentional about any of these. This series will continue with an overview of software I use.